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IIMI Certifications
IIMI Certifications
IIMI Certifications

Quality Data Management and BPO Services

Intelligent Image Management Inc. (IIMI) is an offshore call center, data entry and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, offering wide-ranging contact center, inbound and outbound call services, data processing and BPO services to companies of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

Established in 1996, IIMI has built an impeccable record of superior service from our multiple production facilities in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Our growing list of industry-leading clients trust IIMI with wide-ranging data entry, data capture and conversion, back office, content management, and BPO needs.

Comprehensive Services
Data entry Inbound Call Center Contact Center
PDF conversion Content creation Outbound Call Center
Data capture Image cleanup Prescription processing
Proofreading Forms processing Abstract indexing
OCR clean up Litigation support Data mining
XML tag Coupon processing Meta data
XML conversion Data processing Data conversion
Business Process Outsourcing Equity research and financial BPO services Medical claims processing (HCFA, UB 90, dental)
Accounting and bookkeeping conversion Title search and real estate centric services Historical document and genealogy
Software development
Peace of mind

We provide reliable, accurate, fully customized service solutions at a fraction of the usual cost, but even more important, we deliver peace of mind. Our reliability is what attracts top clients including IBM, NCR, ProQuest, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, Princeton Review, and the Library of Congress, among many others.

Learn how you can benefit

Explore this website to learn more about IIMI and how your company can benefit from our superb quality, cost-effective data processing and BPO services. Contact us to discuss a specific project, or use our convenient online price quote form to find out how much you could be saving.